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What a fun day we have had here in the baby’s room today we started our day with some inside/ outside play which our babies adore as it gives us the opportunity to choose our own area of interest to play in.
After all of our friends had arrived we decided to venture back inside into our room and sit down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and cheese and crackers. Most of our friends then went down for their morning sleep, leaving Poppy to happily spend one on one time with her educators. Miss Katrina read Poppy a beautiful book about “This and That”. Poppy loved spending this time sitting on Miss Katrina lap and looking up at her with interest as the story continued. It wasn’t long until Travis was up. Miss Katrina then thought it would be a fun idea to extend on our activity from yesterday and provide our children with another fun sensory play of messy goop. Poppy and Travis were first and after putting on our painting smocks outside we went. Poppy was very unsure at first and didn’t really want to put her hand into the goop but with reassurance, role modelling and encouragement poopy ended up having a wonderful time. Travis was very keen straight away and loved grabbing and squishing the goop. Max was then up and ready to have fun playing with messy goop and had an absolute ball engaging and having fun moving the messy goop around with his little fingers. Nevaeh was then up and she had so much fun engaging in this experience sparkling with delight as she continued to explore and feel, she at one stage even tried to place her little foot into the goop.
Teddy then decided that he would like to go and explore other areas of the yard and paid particular interest to our outside garden. Teddy seemed to enjoyed using the rocks for balance and loved walking back and forth, he then wondered over to the sand poit where he had a wonderful time exploring the cause and effect of the sand grains.
After coming back inside, Sebastian loved engaging in the home corner and loved playing with the BBQ and sink area. He really enjoyed smiling and babbling at Miss Amy while he participated in this role play activity.


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