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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing next door with our friends from babies 2. We then transitioned over to our room singing “the ants go marching one by one”.
After sitting down to our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and yummy choc cake we ventured outside to explore the new balcony area was built last week. Mr Lachie had fixed the water play station and filled it up with coloured water. Travis and Poppy had a wonderful time playing and splashing in the water. Poppy especially enjoyed this activity waving her hands at Miss Katrina with such a big smile on her face. Travis then wondered off to see what other activities were set up. Teddy enjoyed using the walkers to practice his movement skills and was very cleaver at negotiating his way around the outside play spaces. During our outside time Miss Camila set up some up beat music for us to listen and dance to while enjoying our outside environment. Neveah always loves and cool beat and was dancing and shuffling along to the music.
When then ventured back inside where Miss Katrina provided us with some play dough, we weren’t very interested in the play dough today and preferred to choose our own toys from the self-select shelf. Aura was in awe over the sparkles in the amygdala bottles, and loved watching as the bottle was shaken up and then settled so seemed wonderful engaged in this experience and played with this bottle for quite some time. Sahara was very interested in the feel of different objects and materials, Miss Katrina encouraged her to play with the soft ten pin bowels and she happily moved the material through her little fingers.