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Babies 1 – Thursday 3rd October 2019

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October 3, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Good afternoon to all of our families and welcome to our Thursday, 

We have bad a great day today exploring some new activities and playing with our friends…….

Outside this morning we sat down and experimented with our coloured waffle blocks, these blocks are great for the children to explore new ways of constructing as they are circular in shape. We also loved the musical instruments and of course the bikes at the moment are very popular with everyone.

We transitioned inside for morning at 9am we all sat down and enjoyed some delicious homemade beans on toast this was welcomed by the children whhich was fantastic as this is a new addition to our menu this month.

At 9.30am it was time for Finn, Sadie and Shylie to go to gymnastics with Miss Kim,  Miss Anita went with the group today, she reported that everyone did an amazing job with the ring swing definitely the favourite activity at gym today.

Michael, Emmy and Saxon stayed with Miss Rochelle and helped set up our next lot of morning activities… we offered further fine motor challenges for the children….one activity was trying to place a variety of different coloured paddle pop sticks into some small slits we had made in the top of a jar …..tricky but the perserverance was amazing the children really put their hearts and souls into this activity.  The next challenge was an extension of our pompoms challenge we have been working on… we set up long cardboard cylinders and offered the children the oppurtunity to try reaching a little to place the pompoms down the tubes, this is great for not only our fine motor and hand eye coordination but gives the children a chance to experiment a little with cause and effect scenarios.

We also sat down for some nice group reading time, looking at our brown bear story, Australian animals and captain of the toilet.

Another amazing day in babies one xoxo

Miss Rochelle and Miss Anita


Written by elcbabies1

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