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Happy Thursday!

This morning Holly, Mason and Vance were the first few to arrive and explored all the activities in the yard. Mason was thrilled with the cubby house and was playing hide and seek with Holly and Kira, he went in and out surprising the girls. Adelin, Vance and Max took turns on the obstacle course and challenge their patience and muscles on the soft blocks. As some friends explored the obstacle Elsie and Max read the new books Miss Des’ree brought in. the morning was so nice and calm that we decided to stay outside to enjoy morning tea.

For today’s activity, we decided to use some cereal for our play in the home corner. Miss Des’ree got some Rice Pop and Weetabix; she poured the Rice Pop cereal into the pots and pans so our friends could pretend cook. She put the Weetabix into the bowls and crushed some up and put it into the small jars. Our friends seemed to enjoy this activity, as they got excited when they saw it. Max and Holly where first over to investigate, they ran over the home corner and started crushing the Rice Pops and putting the Weetabix into their mouths. Vance was next over, then Kira and Adelin. Our friend crawled, walked, and stood in the cereal. It got all over the floor, the counters and all over our friend’s body. They enjoyed feeling the different textures and tasting it.  Holly brought the pan over the Miss Bronagh with the Rice Pops in it, Miss Bronagh said, “oo lets do some cooking,” She added some ‘salt’ and cooked it on the hob. Mmmmm yummy, thanks Holly.  Mason gripped the kitchen bench and pulled himself into standing position. He used all of his muscles to stabilize his stance and freed up his hands to learn and explore. Vance popped the cereal on his feet and looked down with a smile, when he got to the kitchen he squished the rice bubbled in his hands and moved it from one jar to another. Kira copied Mason and used the kitchen bench to bring herself up to look for the lucky charms hidden amongst the cereal, Kira was delighted to see a rainbow hidden in the kitchen. Adelin couldn’t wait to use her sense of touch she looked at the weet-bix, held it to her nose then proceeded to try the cereal, from Adelin’s expression she enjoyed the weet-bix with all of her senses. Elsie explored the cereal with the pots, pans and plates. When she was finished investigating the sensory food, she gathered other materials to compare her findings.

after exploring the cereal the babies went off to explore self selected activities.

  • Adelin reading books in the quiet corner.
  • Mason in the cubby house – loves it, playing peek a boo.
  • Elsie played on the obstacle with Adelin
  • Kira went off to bed
  • Max danced to music while holding the speaker
  • Vance played with the stackers
  • Holly played with the wooden bikes in the yard

Over all its been a wonderful day

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh