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Babies 1 – Thursday 5th December 2019

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December 5, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Hello to all of our families and welcome to our Thursday,

We have had a really great day today playing and exploring with our friends……

We began our morning outside greeting our friends exploring activities that had been set up, we had lots of fun practising our balancing skills on the low beams, we sang row row row your boat on the see saw and loved the soft area that had been set up with the teddies,cot and babies for us to look after xx

We quickly moved indoors at 9am ready for our morning tea, we quickly ate our morning tea and excitedly got ready for the magical elf show…..but before we went to the show we took a little detour….we visited the toddler yard for a play, this was a perfect opportunity for the children to familiarise themselves a little with where they will be next year, we were loving the extra space, lawn mowers,  big cars and obstacle course. At 9.50am the show began the children watched quite intently, with lots of opportunities for dancing this made for a really fun morning,  we were able to meet some toddler friends aswell as they were combined with us for the show.

A wonderful day for Babies One!!!!!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Anita xoxo


Written by elcbabies1

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