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Today in the baby’s room we started or day participating in inside/ outside play while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Once we had all arrived we sat down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and puree.
For our arts and crafts activity we provided the babies with a wax painting “under the sea” theme experience. Miss Katrina used her very creative skills to draw little fishes with the candle wax and then asked our children to use the water based paint to paint over the top to see the beautiful fish. Nevaeh did a brilliant job of manipulating the paint brush into the paint and liked to use her little hands to spread the colour around. Teddy also did a fabulous job at practicing his pencil grip, getting struck into his masterpiece, creating and seemingly having a wonderful time.
We then decided to venture outside to play with all the outside equipment, and follow Aston’s and Travis’s interest of music. Aston was very cute as he laid on the cushion watching Miss Katrina and Miss Lorraine dance up a storm, he then started bopping his head a smiling as all the different songs come on. Neveah always loves music and is a beautiful dancer nodding her head along to the beats of the songs Babies 2 were also outside at this time and we have a great time socialising and interacting with our friends. Max was very keen to explore the different textures of the stepping stone activity and really seemed to enjoy the bark pieces, and then running his hands through the sand. Sebastian also really engaged in this activity and Max and Sebastian had a great time participating in social play together.
Miss Katrina then decided to engage Joshua in some one on one time, which he seemed to relish, he happily laughed and babbled to Miss Katrina as she played peek a boo, round and round the garden and sang humpty dumpty.


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