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Happy Thursday!

This morning the babies explored the outdoor area. Holly, Max, Henry and Mason played with the toy computers and key boards. The babies loved tapping away the electronics and used this time to role play. As always the big block obstacle course was kept all the babies busy. Holly, Max and Henry went through the obstacle many times until they mastered the hurdle the babies tested out their agility.

we had an intimate group time at the table. The babies were offered yoghurt, fruits and granola. Miss Des’ree asked each of the babies if they were interested in any different foods.

Mason opened his mouth for more yoghurt

Holly opened her hand for more bananas

Henry nodded to Miss Des’ree when she asked the babies if they wanted more fruit.

Little toby at first didn’t like the coconut yogurt but then opened his mouth up for more.

For activity time Vance and Elsie came to join in.

On the mat Elsie, Toby and Kira talked babble to one another, as the babies conversed they exchanged smiles and giggles. Henry played with the stackers and placed them slowly on the pole, he enjoyed re-arranging the colours and did this until he was satisfied.

Max played in home corner with the metal bowls and dry ingredients, he played in the kitchen and prepared the items in his work area. Vance was very interested in his environment and went through all the new toys.

Over all the babies are slowly adjusting to the new room and teachers.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh