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What a great day we have had here in the baby’s room today, we started our day playing outside with all of our friends from the baby’s 2 room. Travis especially adored playing in the tepee that was set up in the front yard. He explored the inside and the outside of the tent and then sat down and read a book on the cushion that was inside.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and cookies we decided to continue with our Italian arts and crafts theme and made spaghetti paintings. Amelia had a wonderful time engaging in this activity she liked squishing the spaghetti between her fingers and then used her fingers to paint. Amelia laughed and giggled though out the entire experience. Josh and Casey were up next. Josh was very excited to participate and passionately created his masterpiece. Casey quite liked this messy play but at times tried to eat the spaghetti. Amelia Grace then had her turn and was engrossed and fascinated at the paint marks which the spaghetti left on the page. Amelia Grace was very careful and precise when creating this art work and made sure each drop of paint ended where she wanted it.
We then decided to explore the front outside yard to get some fresh air and to stretch our legs. Max was very happy to engage with the sports balls and happily retrieve each ball out of the container to play with. Miss Katrina tried to engage max into a game of rolls, but Max just smiled his very cheeky smile and continued to do his own thing.
To extend on Amelia Grace and Josh’s interest of singing, we provide our babies with a group time singing experience. We sang 2 little dicky birds, open shut them, the ants go marching and the wheels on the bus. All our babies sat nicely and listened and engaged as the songs unfolded.
Thanks for a great day babies


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