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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing outside in the big yard while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Max, Nevaeh and Teddy had a great time at the colouring in table choosing lots of different crayons to practice their pincer grip with. Max then thought he would extend on this activity as he started to bang his hands on the cardboard which made a very funny and different noise, Nevaeh and Teddy thought that this looked like fun and started to join in, they had a great time participating in this social play. Joshua had a wonderful time enjoying the outdoors, he seemed happy and content spending time on his tummy. Joshua was very interested in the big blocks and would very cleverly move his body around the mat so he could reach and play with all the different coloured blocks.
For our arts and crafts activity we continued with our mother’s day painting. Amelia seemed to enjoy this experience and liked the texture of the paint on her fingers, she liked squishing the colours and then making patterns on the material. Amelia Grace was also very inquisitive as to this activity and enjoyed using her fingers to paint on to her material.
Miss Katrina thought it would be a fun experience to make some very sticky slime. Travis, Teddy and Nevaeh had an absolute ball engaging in this sensory activity. Travis loved grabbing the slime with both hands and then squishing and poking it between his fingers. It is important for our babies to engage in this messy play as it helps foster our fine motor skills along with our creativity, social and emotional development.
To extend on Max, Nevaeh, Josh and Amelia’s interest we decided to have a disco with disco lights and fun music, all of our babies enjoyed this experience. Teddy and Travis had a great time dancing along next to the lights while Neveah and Amelia were happy to clap along smiling and bopping their little heads.
For our group time today we all sat on the mat and watched with interest as miss Katrina entertained us with felt stories. We sang and watched the faces of “if your happy and you know it, 3 cheeky monkeys and the chicken song”. We all did a wonderful job at sitting and engaging with the stories. We were all curious and interested as the songs unfolded.


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