Happy Tuesday!

This morning the babies played in the yard as they waited for their friends to arrive. Mason crawled up and down the soft obstacle course and used his leg muscles to propel himself in the direction he wanted to go. Yuna enjoyed a morning nap and took this time to recharge her batteries. Toby played with blocks and observed the items with his senses.

We had a beautiful group time with Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh. Miss Marina made us some special ocean animal flash cards as the babies looked at the images and Miss Des’ree introduced a couple of new songs:

  • ‘Slippery fish’ caught Adelin’s attention and she listened to the song until it finished
  • 5 jelly fish got holly and alex wiggling their body

Next we sung the rainbow song and followed it up with ABC’s.

During activity time we observed lots of cognitive activities being explored by the  babies. Max, Holly and Adelin used their hand eye co-ordination to stack the donuts on the pole. Miss Des’ree brought in a new mat Holly, Kira, Toby and Max love the tactile mat and explored it with their hands and then decided to lay down on it and feel it with their bodies. Alex, Holly, Yuna and Max participated in an activity called ‘Object permanence’ their teacher put a ball in a box and asked the babies “where is the ball?”. Holly Max and Alex looked for the ball and understood that although it isn’t visible it is still exists. Very Clever babies ! we have new sensory bottles that Adelin, Mason, Kira and Yuna explored they tested out each bottles sounds, weight and look

Hope you all had a great day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh