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For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards, keys and locks and soft toys.
  • On the table the babies had an art activity to introduce ANZAC day


Outdoor play:

  • Home corner (cubby house) with sensory bottles, pots, pans and spoons
  • Babies in book corner with cushions, soft toys and stories
  • Obstacle course
  • Bikes
  • Walkers
  • Balls


For activity time the babies enjoyed participating in the activities that interested them the most. Adelin spent her activity time exploring her spatial awareness with the chairs, she crawled over to the grey chairs – sat down, turned around and hopped off, she then crawled to the high chairs- sat down , turned around and hopped off. Adelin continued to do this a few more times and then went over to the art table to participate in Poppy art, Adelin used the brush to squish the paint all over her flower and then gathered up 2 little dots to make the middle of the poppy. When she was finished doing art she went outside to practice her walking skills with the walker, Adelin looked at the bottom of the walker and noticed a toy stuck between the wheels, she moved the toys and went over to her teacher and handed it to her. Adelin went back to the walker and did laps around the yard. Kira was very happy to explore the toys in the room she went over to the self select shelves and peeped through the holes until she found the mini trucks, Kira pulled the trucks out and enjoyed observing them with her sense. After she finished playing with the truck she went outside to explore the sensory bottles with her friend Adelin. Mason loved his independence during activity time he decided skip painting today and went over to the rainbow area to explore the stackers, walkers and eggs. When mason was finished playing at the table he went outside to explore the home corner outside. Mason loved opening and closing the cupboard doors and decided to fill them up with as much items as he could find. Max was the first one to participate in creating ANZAC day poppies, he loved painting with the brush and scooped up as many black dots as he could to create his flower. When Max completed the activity he went over to the ball runner and showed Alex, Mason and Conor how to work the toy. When Miss Des’ree opened the door to go outside Max ran out and  was excited to play with the balls and obstacle course. Alex used his activity time to play with the ball runner, he just got back from his holiday and explored the new toys in the room. Alex played with the ball runner most of the morning and then went over for his morning nap.  Conor enjoyed playing with the walker and was interested in moving it around the room. During activity time Conor observed Adelin sitting in chairs and decided to mimic her investigation in spatial awareness he followed her from the grey chair to the high chair and sat down – to hop off and try it again. When Miss Des’ree opened the door Conor went straight over to the home corner to play with the mesh shopping bags and sensory bottle with Mason. Ollie was a busy bee and used his morning to do art. He sat down and enjoyed watching his brush make strokes on the white paper when Ollie was done he took his time playing with the yellow trucks and excavators moving them in different ways. When he was finished with the trucks he went outside to roll around on the obstacle course. All the babies were happy playing and learning. Well done babies 1!



Today has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh