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What a lovely day we have had in the babies 1 room today. Miss Katrina was off today so Miss Hayley and Miss Yumika took care of all the babies. We had a great time playing with sensory bottles, Max, Travis and Teddy enjoyed shaking them around. We brought the mirror tunnel into the room for the babies to use, Amelia spent lots of time playing in the tunnel and looking at her reflexion. Teddy, Max and Travis also enjoyed playing in the tunnel, they played peek a boo with one another and looked at thier reflections in the mirror. After this we put on Wiggles Radio and danced away to Point Your Finger and Do The Twist. We then danced to many other wiggley favourites. Max, Nevaeh and Teddy had an absolute ball dancing to the music, Travis loved listening to the music but didn’t feel like dancing. For group time today we sang lots of songs from the Babies 2 room:

  • Open Shut Them
  • Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes
  • If Your Happy and You Know it
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Amelia Grace, Casey, Josh and Teddy seemed very excited when we started singing. They bobbed up and down and waved their hands around trying to do the actions. Next we read a book called First Words, as we read the story we pointed to all of the different objects in the book and tried to say their names. Max decided that everything is call “raa raa” while Nevaeh called everything “ahhh” and “Na na”.

Thanks for a great day babies 1, see you in the yard when you come to play with the big babies 🙂


From Miss Hayley and Miss Yumika

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