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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with our friends from next door. We sat down with Miss Katrina for a combined group time of singing songs and action songs. Miss Katrina sang “5 fat sausages ““we will we will rock you”, and “if your happy and you know it” Travis and Nevaeh loved listening and engaging with these songs, both bopping along and smiling away.
Because a lot of our babies have an interest in pulling themselves up, we decided to venture outside where there are more opportunities to grab onto equipment and safely pull themselves up. Sahara is becoming very clever and loved pulling herself up along the fence and also practiced her gross motor skills by pulling herself up against the slippery slide. Nevaeh was also very cleaver pulling herself up against Miss Katrina and fund the rock wall and great place to practice her skills. Travis loved engaging in the obstacle course stepping on all the different stepping stones.
We then sat down in a circle for some information about sun safety. Our children listened as Miss Katrina explained the importance of wearing a hat and sunscreen. Miss Camila then applied sunscreen to all our baby’s. Teddy was curious as to what Miss Camila was doing and gave her a very funny look, looking up at her.
Amelia Grace loved giving Miss Katrina super big cuddles today and seemed particularly keen to participant I one on one time with her educators. She relished in this time giving both Miss Camila and Miss Katrina big smiles.
All our babies love dancing and grooving especially max, he enjoyed listening to all the children’s songs that we played though out the day. Amelia also liked listening to the tunes and liked exploring all the different play spaces in the room


15.03.15 travis sun 15.03.16 sun saftey 15.03.16 sunscreen 15.03.16 ted sun