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Welcome to another great Tuesday in the babies 1 room. This morning Yuna was happy to arrive first and read all the books in the yard. Yuna found a cosy spot in the cushions and read stories to herself. Mason was next to come to kindy and he was happy to play with the walkers. He used his gross motor muscles to propel the walkers and himself around the yard. Well done Mason! When Conor and Orlando arrived the boys were thrilled to play with the obstacle course and enjoyed climbing over the green caterpillars. Alex was happy to come play in the yard and sat on a bike ready to zoom around the yard. Max and Kira were the last one to arrive, Max enjoyed playing with the contact collaging material with Yuna and Mason. The babies pasted a variety of different colours to the sticky paper to create a rainbow. Kira arrived to kindy with a big smile and wave, she gave Miss Bronagh a big cuddle then went into the room for morning tea. Around 9am Max went for his weekly gymnastic session.

Miss Bronagh sang a song to her friends and encouraged them to sit for morning group time. She sung:

  • The aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Greeting
  • Wheels on the bus
  • Abc’s

when the babies started to roam around we stopped group time and enjoyed activities


During activity time the babies had a choice of:

  • Painting Bunnies or eggs!
  • Book corner which has books, mirrors and quiet rattles and toys
  • Home corner is filled with sensory bottles, pots, pans, plates, baskets, and food magazines
  • Self-select shelves filled with puzzles, dinosaurs, wooden blocks, computers, and phones
  • Dancing
  • Outdoor activities

Max, Yuna, Mason, Orlando, Kira, Alex and Conor enjoyed easter craft, we added stiped cupcake holders for the babies to use as decoration . as some babies explore the craft Mason, Kira and Yuna played in the book corner with the puzzles and mirror. Yuna and Kira took the animal out of the puzzle board and tried to place them in again. Mason looked at himself in the mirror and smiled crawling closer to the mirror then moving back- all the while watching his reflection. After painting Alex when for his routinely nap while Orlando and Max played with the mesh stackers. Kira army crawled outside and took her turn on the obstacle course. Conor loved the outdoors and played in the cubby house with the pretend babies.

Overall, it has been a great day,

Have a wonderful night

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh