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What a lovely day we have had here in the baby’s room today. We started our day watching the disco lights and listening to relaxing music as we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Travis had a delightful time watching the disco lights change colour and pointed at them on the roof.
To extend on our New Zealand theme Miss Rachael brought in some homemade Koi shakers which Teddy and Casey thought was a big hit. Casey liked the texture of the balls and moved each one though his fingers and then liked to explore what would happen if he shock them. Teddy liked shaking them while listening to Maori music that was playing in the background. We then all looked at the kiwi teddy Neveah had brought in to show us about her family background, We all had turns passing the teddy around, Josh showed lots of interest in this ted as it was beautiful as soft, he liked giving it a big cuddle.
We then extended on Neveah’s interest of bubbles. All our babies thought this was wonderful. Amelia thought this was fantastic as she tried to climb up Miss Katrina to get a closer look at where the bubbles were actually coming from, Max also enjoyed watching the bubbles giving Miss Katrina his very cheeky smile and was pointing at each bubble as it went past.
We then followed Amelia Grace’s interest of sports balls and provided our babies with many different coloured balls to engage with, the balls are very soft and squishy and are lots of fun to play with.
Thanks for a great day babies 1.


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