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Hello beautiful families.

Welcome in our wonderful day ! We started by a free play indoor. The babies enjoyed the home corner and looked at books. They were also running and screaming at the same time. They always have fun doing this, and laugh a lot. Then we did a new craft activity this morning preparing Christmas. We made our handprint in Clay with miss Elizabeth. We love watching and waiting for our turn to do it. The clay was soft and smooth and we were curious to touch it but some of us didn’t like it.

When everybody had finished we all went outside wearing our hats and play on the balancing beam. We liked practicing our jumping abilities and improve our balance. We also explored the yard and the toy box. We found the cars that we liked rolling on the floor.  While others liked pushing the trolleys, press the buttons and listen to the different sounds.

Thank you very much for another day.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie