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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing outside in the front yard while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. We enjoyed listening to the wiggles music and loved to dance and groove. Once we were all here we separated into our own room and sat down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree.
For our arts and crafts activity today we provided our baby’s with two different experiences. One was a sensory blue jelly activity to coincide with our under the sea theme and the other was painting brown paper bag fish. Teddy and Amelia Grace both participated in the jelly experience and both did so with gusto. Amelia Grace had a wonderful time squishing and feeling jelly and exploring all aspects of the feel and even exploring by taste. Teddy was happy and sparkled with delight by pushing the jelly right around his tray. For the painting activity Amelia seemed to really enjoy herself and was very cleaver at using the paint brushes and practicing her pincer grip. Neveah also had a fantastic time engaging in the painting experience, she loved spreading the different coloured paints right around the surface of the bag.
After the arts and crafts activity we let the children chose and engage in whatever activity they would like by providing them with inside/ outside play. Travis was a very keen participant in the sandpit kitchen and loved every aspect of this experience. He enjoyed using the cooking trays to fill with sand and loved opening and closing the doors. Travis stayed engaged in this activity for quite some time. Travis and Max spent the time playing together in social play. They loved the cubby castle and were giggling and laughing as they crawled inside and back out again many times.
Thanks for a great day babies.


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