Good afternoon families and friends,

What a wonderful Tuesday morning we all had. Lots of fun playing in the outside yard before coming inside. Outside activities consisted of the see-saw, balls, climbing ramp and sing along songs. Inside we all had our morning tea together. Our friends love eating their hands dirty  while ‘feeding’ themselves. After morning tea, we sat down together to watch Miss Des’ree  do her morning puppet show. Max, Alex and Adelin got very excited for this activity. They love watching the puppets and Max gets super excited when he hears the music playing, and he gets up and dances!

After group time we played together in the classroom. Max found the small balls and he liked to throw them up into the air. Miss Des’ree decided to throw the ball into the net attacked to the wall. Max  laughed so hard at this and wanted all the balls in the net, Miss Des’ree throw all the balls into the net, then after she pushed them all out again. Max was very amused by this, also Adelin and Alex enjoyed this too.

Our friends had fun using the different colour paints to make grass and tress. They enjoyed the texture on this hands, and some of our friends even tried to eat it.

Hope everyone had a great afternoon,

See you all later,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh