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Hello beautiful Families,

Today it is the first of December. Only 24 days left before Christmas. What we have done today was amazing, and we enjoyed listening to Christmas music the whole morning making Christmas craft and decorations. We first started by finishing few Christmas artworks for the Christmas party that the babies are exciting about doing. Rory started to dance when we put the Christmas music on. Ari, Kobe, Rory and Haruto liked to create the Christmas tree decoration made from wooden sticks. Then we all helped Miss Elizabeth to put the balls on the tree that we hanged in the room. WOW !!! said Haruto.

We went outside to create more decorations. Miss Aurelie printed us a bell and we could use the markers to draw on it or the glue to stick some red pieces of paper. We had to choose and some of us choose to do both. But we mostly liked to use the markers today, even to write on our legs!! When we finished Kobe and Max like to play with miss Aurelie and bounce on the yellow ball. Haruto climbed on the frog, while Connie and Ari, and Rory liked to hide in the cubby house.

Thank you so much for a great ‘Christmassy’ Day !

Miss ELizabeth and miss Aurelie