October 1, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Hello to all of our families and welcome to our Tuesday!

We have had a great day exploring with our friends today….we had a nice morning outdoors bouncing our balls, riding our trikes  we were also lucky to have Miss Stacey read some books with us and we also got to reach and chase the bubbles !

We welcomed back Miss Gillian today from her family holiday….CONGRATULATIONS to her son for placing 2nd in his state qld championship sailing competition, we are all really happy to have Miss GIllian back with us!

We had a fantastic morning full of group activities , we started with our grouptime book “brown bear brown bear what do you see?” This book is centered around colour recognition which we are really making a focus on this week. The children were listening really well to this book, Miss Rochelle encouraged the children to guess the colours as we went through the pages…..after our book was finished we stayed sitting together a little longer and looked at some colour cards together, working as a group to guess and identify the colours.

We then moved on to a painting activity….we all painted big brown bears just like in our book, we used brown paint with our thick paint brushes, the children enjoyed this ALOT… we made growling sounds just like bears and reinforced that we were using the colour BROWN.

After our painting the children were able to self select an activity from around the room or were able to continue witn an activity we started yesterday…our pom pom challenge…the children have been practicing picking up pom poms with small tongs and placing them into a tray, we have used a variety of different sized pom poms to allow extra exploration with how they manouvre the tongs and also a rainbow assortment of colours to look at. Everyone had a try at this activity today and even since yesterday I think some of us have improved….this is a fantastic way to help develop our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


We hope you all have a great evening

Miss Rochelle and Miss GIllian xoxo

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