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Happy Tuesday!


This morning Mason and Yuna were the first to enjoy the yard to themselves. Yuna wondered around the home corner and enjoyed playing in the cubby house with the sensory bottles. Mason was Miss Des’ree’s little helper this morning and walked with her to the babies 3 yard to set it up. Mason decided on the rockers, books, and puppets. Thanks for all your help! When Conor arrived at kindy, he had a beautiful breakfast and then explored instrument and loved banging on the xylophone. Adelin was full of smiles and could not wait to play in the yard, she went over to her favourite toy- the walker! Around 9am Miss Kate came to collect Max and Adelin for their morning gymnastics session.

For group time Miss Bronagh started the day off with the aboriginal acknowledgment and a good morning greeting. Most of the babies were a little restless so we kept the group time nice and short

For activity time we encourage the children to have a choice in their play. We had two activities set up, plus free choice play.  Miss Alex was helping us today and she had a fun activity on the table. One by one she called our friends over to sit beside her to complete a painting. Our friends had two different colours, red and orange paintbrushes. Our friends used the paint brushes and their choice of paint to paint over the white piece of paper. When these paintings are all dry, we will put our Anzac solders onto them. Yuna and Adelin had a lot of fun together, sitting up on the table and painting. I feel this is their happy place, as they both did not want to stop painting. Miss Bronagh has another activity, continuing form a last week. Our friends made Poppy flowers along our wall using their hands, so today we got some black paint, put the paint onto their fingertip then pour friends used their fingers onto the middle of the poopy to make the black centre. Conor was intrigued about this activity, so Miss Bronagh put the black paint on her thumb and showed Conor how to do it. He waited patiently for Miss Bronagh to colour his fingertip, then Miss Bronagh pointed to the poppy that was Conor made, so he could print the middle. Conor was so happy with himself, he wanted to keep going. Conor did not need a lot of help with this, as he waited for Miss Bronagh to show him what poppy to do it on, and off he went. Great job Conor. Conor then went over to Miss Alex to complete his next activity. Conor used the orange paint first, then a little bit of red, before he got distracted and he wanted to go play in the home corner with Mason. Together Conor and Mason made lots of noise bagging pots and pans and laughing together. Yuna and Adelin came to Miss Bronagh when they completed their Anzac solider pictures. Together they sat beside Miss Bronagh and watched as she showed the girls how to do it. SO, Miss Bronagh painted their fingertips and pointed to their own poppy’s. Yuna had the first go and Adelin waited for her go. Together they took turns and watched each other. After, Adelin took the block walker and went for a stroll around the room, she then let go off the walker and walked around the room all by herself. Adelin is a confident walker now. Great job! Yuna went to the quiet corner and looked at some books before heading outside to play with her friends. Mason was playing with the cars and trucks before he completed his painting. When Miss Alex called him over, he walked to her and sat beside her. Mason made lots of different colours on his paper, using red and orange and mixing them together with his hands. Mason then wanted to see Miss Bronagh, so he walked to her and sat down. Miss Bronagh showed him what to do. At first Mason needed help on direction of where to put his fingertips. With help and after a few goes, Mason completed it all by himself. Mason then played in the home corner with Conor before going outside to play. Kira was the last to have to go, before she done her activities, Kira was using her upper body muscle to pull herself up onto the future and walk around the ones she could. When she couldn’t hold on to anything anymore, she decided to crawl to her next destination. It’s great to see Kira starting to develop into walking soon.  Kira wanted to try the activity with Miss Bronagh, she watched miss Bronagh put the black colour onto her fingertip, and she giggles. Miss Bronagh helped Kira to push her finger onto the poopy. Kira



 We had a great day, hope you did too!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Broangh