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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with all of our friends from next door while we waited for everybody to get here. Once we were all here we gathered on the mat for a group time of singing and nursery rhymes. It was Joshua, Travis and Neveah’s interest of songs so we started off singing “5 fat sausages”, we then sang “the grand old duke of York”, ‘5 cheeky monkeys, “if you’re happy and you know it and then “incy wincy spider” we all enjoyed the singing today and we all sat nicely and stayed engaged thought the group time.
To extend on Amelia’s interest of music when then provided our baby’s with a fun dancing and movement experience. Teddy and Amelia were very cute dancing near the speaker, Teddy then started clapping and stamping his feet. Amelia, Neveah and Teddy then decided to turn the big basket over then and they started to use it as a drum to hit in time with the music.
We then decided to venture outside where Max decided to follow his own interest of animal noises, he went straight over to the animal table with the grass and farm animals, he then started saying “moooooo” as he picked up the animals. Travis enjoyed exploring the new toys that were brought in by Miss Shaz, he liked poking his head though the door and smiling at Miss Yumi.
After coming back inside Casey enjoyed pulling himself up onto the big round cushion. Casey then crawled over to the self- select shelf where he chose to engage with the double stacking blocks.


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