Today in the baby’s room we had a wonderful day. We started our day playing outside in the beautiful sunshine while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Max, Teddy and two of our friends from next door enjoyed a very special play on the cement in front of Miss Kylie office. We loved using our paint brushes and the chalky water Miss Katrina had made to paint and create a beautiful master piece on the cement. Max was very funny brushing the water, but he wasn’t a fan of wearing his hat. After bringing the chalky water back over into the yard Travis loved sticking his little hands into the water and splashing it. He loved sitting on the table and enjoyed moving the plates over. Nevaeh loved and adored the stepping stone play station that was set up. She relished in playing with the small toys, the water play and loved all the different coloured sand.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and cake we thought we would mosey back outside to engage in the fun activities set up, babies 2 were already outside so we joined for a small group time of songs with Miss Des’ree. We loved hearing about the “ants marching, the slippery fish, and the Lion king song”. Amelia Grace was a fantastic listener and loved spending time engaging and interacting with Miss Des’ree. She loved clapping her hands and smiled very cheeky.
For our arts and crafts activity we decided to make some more Easter chickens. We did these for our open day as they turned super cute we thought we would do them again. Teddy and Travis had a ball participating in this experience as they both got the giggles