Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with our friends from next door while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Once we were all here we ventured over to our room for some delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and yoghurt.
For our physical activity today we ventured outside for a play in the beautiful sunshine and loved stretching our legs. Travis loved spending time In the sandpit and enjoyed running the sand through his fingers as a sensory activity, he then enjoyed flicking the sand beside him and then seeing where it would land. Teddy loved playing with the musical instruments outside and especially enjoyed playing the xylophone and interacting with all his friends. We then decided that we would extend on the outside play and turn it into an inside/ outside experience where the children could decide which play space they wanted to play in. Chloe had a wonderful time during this play as she was able to crawl from outside to inside and then back again, Poppy also really enjoyed this play, she loved going over to the self- select toy shelf and then she would venture outside to see what Miss Katrina was up to.
Miss Jade then decided to have a small group time where she found some bubbles for our babies, we all enjoyed watching and playing with all the different size bubbles. We also liked looking at the different colours reflected from the sun in each bundle. Nevaeh was Miss Katrina’s snuggle bunny today and loved being snuggled and cuddled and would look up very cheeky at Miss Katrina.