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Today in the baby’s room we started our day our day playing outside with our friends from next door. Teddy loved exploring the front yard and loved practicing his walking skills going from play station to play station. We extended on Teddy’s interest by providing him with the push toys to practice his milestone’s skills. Sahara was happy and content playing with the shaped blocks, she engaged in this activity and enjoyed the interactions with her peers
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of cake and fresh fruit we thought we would get straight into our arts and crafts activity and make some colourful sensory painting bags. Amelia Grace sparkled with delighted during this activity and enjoyed squishing the paint with both her little hands. She also liked exploring the texture in her month. Aura was up next, she relished in this sensory activity, smiling at Miss Katrina as she happily played with her wonderful coloured bag, and enjoyed being placed up high in the high chair.
We then decided to venture out to the sandpit yard where Travis found a red spade and decided that he would do some gardening in the dirt. Miss Katrina took this opportunity to extend on this spontaneous teachable moment by talking about all the different plants in the garden and how important plants are for our environment.
To extend on our other interests from our baby’s we thought we would play an upbeat toddlers music c.d. All our friends enjoyed this time listening and clapping along to the music.



23.02.16 Amelia 23.02.16 Aura 23.02.16 outside 23.02.16 Sahara