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Happy Tuesday!

This morning Mason and Yuna started the day off in the babies 2 room. Yuna was sitting in book corner as always while Mason observed the art on the walls. Around 8am we went back into our class and Yuna went down for her morning nap. While Yuna slept Mason went over to the self-help shelf and pulled out the phones, keyboards and computers. Not long after Conor, Adelin, and Alex arrived and decided to get extra cuddles with their teachers. Max and Kira arrived at the same time and enjoyed listening to the song “September” on the speaker. It was too wet to go outside so we had an early morning tea at 8:50am and the babies loved eating fruits granola and custard, Yummmmy!

After morning tea Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh sat with the babies and did a longer group time. We sung:

  • See the little bunnies sleeping, see the little chickens sleeping.
  • Mr peter rabbit
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Old Mc Donald had a farm – on that farm they found a chicken.

Next, we looked at some eggs that we found in home corner. Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh found egg holders and offered it to the babies to see what they could do with the materials. Conor, Adelin and Kira put the egg on the holder. Mason, Max and Alex separated the egg puzzle until it split in half. To finish off the group time we did a breathing exercise with a Tibetan singing bowl. All the babies practiced their beathing and copied their teachers inhale and exhale.

After our group time we extended on the babies easter exploration and created chickens using our hands and feet. Kira, Max, Yuna, Alex, and Adelin loved the footprint art and stayed very still as Miss Des’ree tickled their feet with a paint brush. Mason and Conor laughed and giggled when Miss Des painted their foot. It was wonderful for the babies to explore the paint in a different way.

While Miss Des painted our friends’ feet, Miss Bronagh painted their hands. Kira, Adelin, Alex, and Yuna sat intently and watched Miss Bronagh paint stokes of yellow on their fingers and palms. Miss Bronagh encouraged the babies to stamp their own hands and assisted them to create a handprint. Conor, Mason and Max needed a little help stamping their hands but enjoyed the cool texture. As the babies got creative, they explored the egg holders and eggs from this morning’s group time.


Overall, it has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh