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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing out in the front yard while we waited for all of our friends to arrive, once we were all here we ventured across to our room to start our day.
For our group time, we all sat down on the furry mat for some action and clapping songs. Max was very interested in the song “if your happy and you know it” and would crack up laughing when Miss Katrina would say “if your sad and you know it have a cry”, he would also put his head on the side and look at Miss Katrina sideways, it was very cute. Teddy was a big fan of “5 fat sausages” and did a wonderful job at anticipating when the clap was going to happen.
To continue with the theme of Australia this week, we endeavoured to make dot painted boomerangs. Neveah was a little superstar using her pincer grasp to hold the cotton buds and create beautiful clear dots on her boomerang, Teddy and both Travis both enjoyed this experience as well both trying to taste the paint at one point.
For our outside activity Casey enjoyed spending his time in the bouncer where he was very curious as to what his friends were up to, he also enjoyed playing with all the different coloured sports balls. Travis liked spending his time wondering inside and outside of the castle cubby and then laying down for a rest. Joshua was very active during our outside play and would crewel and explore all the different areas outside, his favourite thing though was pulling himself up into a standing position and then smiling sweetly back at Miss Katrina.
Thanks for great day babies 1.


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