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Hello beautiful families,

Today with the babies we have done a lot of different activities. To decorate our room for Christmas, we painted some pine cones this morning. We enjoy using our brush and the different colors but like to give the last touch with our hands. We had paint all over our hands and enjoyed washing our hands after. Then some of us finished their artwork for Christmas, painting fingerprints on their paper bag.At the same time we like to play with our wooden Christmas tree in the room and climb in the box.

We went outside for a play and we liked bouncing on the big yellow ball with miss Aurelie.  We had so many turns and jumped very high. We laughed a lot.  We also like to play hide and seek in the cubby house. It was so cute the babies were saying ‘Hello!!’ through the window. Then the babies played with the long pipe and was talking to miss Aurelie through it. They like to make different sounds. We also all played with the ball wit miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie.

Thank you so much babies for another great day.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie