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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with our friends from next door we really enjoyed inside/ outside play as we got to choose our own area which we wanted to play in. Once we were all here we wondered over to our own room to sit down for a delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree.
For our inside activities, our babies were encouraged to engage with the self – select shelf. Teddy had a wonderful time playing dress ups with Miss Lorraine and looked super cute dressed as a cow. Chloe was very cleaver using her big strong legs to pull herself up against the kitchen gate. Chloe was happy and proud of herself when she did this and would look at Miss Katrina and smile. Fynn enjoyed playing with the building cups and had a great time using all the different sized cups. Travis was curious about the brand new booster seat and once sitting in it did not want to get out.
For our group time we all sat on the home corner mat to sing nursery rhymes. We liked “ the wheels on the bus, old Macdonald and if your happy and you know it.
Thanks for a great day today babies 1.


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