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Welcome to another week in the babies 1 room.

This morning the yard was buzzing with lots of busy babies, Conor played in the home corner and enjoyed exploring the soft bed in the cubby house. Mason spent his morning on the obstacle course  and moving around the walkers in the yard.Ollie  used his morning to play with the soft blocks and then played in the cubby house. Max loved the giant frog in the middle of the yard and climbed up, over and around the frog, Alex snuggled up to Miss Bronagh until he was ready to play with the bikes in the yard. Kira and Adelin came in a little later and morning tea with their friends

Most of the babies were a little unsettled and sleepy this morning so as Miss Bronagh but the babies to sleep Miss Des’ree did a group time with Conor and Mason. And sung open shut them, after the song Mason handed Miss Des’ree 2 containers, Conor sat down and watched as Miss Des’ree put one container in the other and said “1 container” then pulled out the second one from inside and said “2 containers” Mason smiles at the magic trick and Conor giggled. The three of them continued to do the container until the babies understood the one container was hiding in the other.

Most of our babies were asleep for activity time and used this time to recharge their energy. Mason, Conor and Adelin played outside and explore the activities in the fresh air. Mason played in the cubby house with the instruments while Conor observed the birds in the yard. Adelin needed lots of cuddles then decided to drive the car walker around the yard.

When the babies woke up they enjoyed indoor activities and as a class we sat on the mat and sung Kira happy birthday!

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend. See you all next week.


Today has been a great day,


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh