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Today in the baby’s room we spent our day inside as it rained all today. Miss Katrina had set up a tunnel disco with disco lights and up beat music for us to engage with. Travis was a big fan of the disco lights delighting in all the different shapes and patterns the lights made. In the tunnel there are mirrors so it looked super cool the lights reflecting everywhere. Travis had so much fun crawling in and out of the tunnel. Sahara sat there in awe watching the lights, she was very hesitant as to crawl into the tunnel but was transfixed during this experience.
After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and cake we provided our babies with an arts and crafts activity based around the raining whether. Miss Camila drew rain clouds and asked our babies to decorate these clouds with soft sticky colours. Amelia had loads of fun participating in this experience, she was very clever sticking the rain clouds on, at one stage she had even stuck her finger into the cloud. Max was an enthusiastic partaker seemly having a wonderful time pasting the colours. He liked the soft feel on his fingers and chose to use both hands to play. Sahara waited very patiently for her turn and once placed in the chair loved playing with the paper. She liked both her hands to wave the paper around. With encouragement and role modelling from her educators, made a beautifully creative rain cloud. By participating in this arts and arts activity our babies were fostering their gross motor skills while also working on their social, emotional, cognitive and creatively development.
For our group time we extended on our raining day theme and song “it’s raining, its pouring and Rain rain go away”. Nevaeh was such a keen participate in these songs. She was moving her little body up and down to the jingle of the song and smiled and babbled while enjoying herself. She liked spending time with her peers on the round mat. After we had finished these songs Miss Katrina then thought we would move onto the felt puppets. We all enjoyed watching and listening in with interest and Miss Katrina very descriptively told the story of “baa baa black sheep, old Macdonald and 5 little ducks”.