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Happy Tuesday,

This morning was a little slow and quiet which was perfect for Max, Yuna and Conor to explore the big yard. Max danced to the wiggles and enjoyed hot potato! Conor played with Quinn and Arabella and decided to do some drawing with Miss Marina. Yuna read books with the dolls and around 8am went inside for her morning nap. Around 9am the babies got their nappies changed and sat inside ready for yummy morning tea of granola and fruits.

During meal time Miss Des’ree did a quick group time with Max, Yuna, Kira, Adelin and Conor. We sung:

  • The days of the week
  • Good morning greeting

Then finished up with hop little bunnies hop-hop-hop.

Miss Larisa offered the babies footprint art and created hopping bunnies as an extension of our group time. When max saw that the art activity he immediately sat down on the chair and put his foot out, when Miss Des’ree painted his foot he was very still and curious with the colour of his foot print. Miss Larisa painted Adelin next and Adelin couldn’t stop wiggling her feet and was unsure if she liked the texture or not. When it was Conor, Yuna and Kira’s turn the babies were a bundle of laughter and giggles. As the children got their feet painted one by one, while they waited their explored the activities in the room. Max fell in love with the ball pit he lay, rolled and threw the balls everywhere. Conor and Adelin saw Max’s excitement and joined in. Kira was content to explore the puzzles and the sparkling jewels. While Adelin waited to get her foot painted she used the chairs to practice he walking skills. Not long now Adelin!

The self selected activities the babies chose to participate in were:

  • Home corner with jars, sensory bottles, pots, pans and containers
  • Quiet area with books, cushions and hammock
  • Cognitive toys such as: keys and locks, stackers, puzzles

We had a great day, hope you did too!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Larisa

Parents please don’t forget to sign you children in every morning on the sign in sheet which is located inside the babies yard. Parents are now allowed to enter the yard to drop and collect their child. Please ensure to fill in all paperwork on the stand in the babies yard. If you are unsure about the paperwork, please feel free to ask one of us for help.

Easter is upon us friends. We have started our Easter basket. If everyone could put an item into the Easter pamper allocated in our classroom. Everyone has received ballots. $5 per sheet of ballots. Please fill them in and return to Miss Des’ree or Miss Bronagh with the gift and $5. The lucky winner will get to take home the Easter pamper! Good luck everyone.