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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with our friends from next door, we approved of babies 2 room and loved playing with the different self- select toys that they have, we then transitioned into inside/ outside play where we could choose our own play space, we all thought this type of play was wonderful.
For our arts and crafts activity we continued which our Mother’s day arts and crafts and made gorgeous love heart foot prints. Joshua was up first and while Miss Amy painted his little feet he smiled widely, we thought that the paint must have been cold and tickled as Joshua moved and squirmed. Teddy was then up and the paint definitely tickled Teddy’s foot and his giggled and wormed and squealed in delight.
For our physical activity we wondered outside for a bit of fresh air and to stretch our legs, while outside Casey enjoyed watching his friends while sitting on the bouncer, he also enjoyed engaging with the amygdala bottle and loved watching as all the sparkles hit the bottom of the bottle. Amelia loved playing on the stepping stones and would try and pull herself up with the gate so she could practice her balancing skills while stepping on the stepping stones, Amelia Grace and Max both enjoyed sitting down for the group time and loved singing baa baa black sheep and humpty dumpty. Travis was a keen participant playing in the castle cubby wondering in and o.DSC00371 DSC00374 DSC00375 DSC00378 DSC00379