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Welcome back friends, I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend.


Today we had lots of fun. This morning Yuna and Mason got here and got to help set up our yard. Mason was so eager to get stuck in and play with the toys. Yuna wanted to have some chill out time in the soft chair. We played in the Babies 2 room for a while. Mason liked to play with the towers, building them up, and knocking them down. Yuna relaxed with lovely cuddles from Miss Bronagh, before going down for her morning nap. We moved outside to the yard and Mason went over to the frog and tried to climb up on it, turning round to make sure Miss Bronagh was close by. After that, Mason explored the obstacle course before going got the home corner and pretending got make some breakfast. Some after Conor arrived. We sat together and had his breakfast before the rest of his friends arrived. Conor then went to play with the footballs. Conor pushed the ball to Miss Bronagh, and she pushed it back to Conor. Conor laughed every time and continued this for a while before moving on to the obstacle course, then played with the trucks. Orlando, Alex, Max and Adelin arrived. Max went up to play in the gym, while the rest of us got ready for morning tea.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self selected activities.

Ollie and Alex used activity time to catch up on their sleep and loved the cot room to themselves. Adelin, Mason, Yuna, Max and Conor all got the opportunity to participate in sponge and paintbrush art. Mason and Conor loved using the sponges and stamped paint on the animal cut outs. Adelin, Yuna and Max took their time and slid the sponge around and then used the paintbrush to illustrate different marks. As the babies took turns painting each of them decided to explore activities in the room. Max looked at the Anzac art that we put up and touched each of the soldiers on the head and pointed to their “hat”.  Yuna used activity time to sit in a chair and soaked up all the pictured in the animal book. Conor copied Yuna and sat in the chair observing his friends interest in the books and laughed at her reactions to the monkey. Mason used the walker to transport the cars around the room.

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh