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Good afternoon families and friends,
Welcome to Babies 1!
It’s been a busy but wonderful day  Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh. We had lots of short periods of group time. Just before morning tea Miss Bronagh sang ‘if your happy and you know it’. Alex and Holly clapped their hands while Kira, Mason and Yuna giggled with joy..

Adelin, Toby and Mason loved the song ‘ wind the bobbin up’ and listened contently till the song finished.For activity time we offered the babies indoor and outdoor play.

Toby, Kira and Mason chose to explore the indoor toys and were interested in the stackers, abacus and coloured mesh balls. Max, Alex, Adelin, Yuna and Holly loved the outdoors and played with:

  • Activity center
  • Obstacle course
  • Mini cars
  • Bikes
  • balls



Happy New Year! We welcome everyone to the babies room and are excited to get to know everyone