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Happy Tuesday!

This morning Yuna came to play and help Miss Des’ree set up the yard, it was a little too windy to stay outside so we came in to explore the toys. Yuna played with the ball runner. She observed the ball run down from the top of the tower. When Mason came to kindy, he was extremely interested in the ball runner and gathered different types of balls from around the room. Mason and Yuna experimented with the ball runner and discovered that some balls were too big to fit on the runner. Conor and Max arrived next, they enjoyed playing with the wooden stackers and dancing to ‘who let the dogs out’. When Adelin got to kindy she instantly went over to the walkers and practiced moving her legs around the room. Around 9 am Miss Kim took Max and Adelin outside to burn off extra energy by participating in gymnastics movements.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards and soft toys.
  • Home corner which invites the babies to explore, pots, pans, sensory bottles, kitchenette, baskets, and eggs with wooden egg holders.
  • On the mini table the babies had a choice of exploring the stackers, ball runners, puzzles, and coloured wooden blocks.
  • Water painting which encouraged their sense of identity by putting their name in the clouds.

Adelin spent her activity time playing with the walkers, she moved up and down round and around until it was her turn to do painting. As Adelin painted she used her whole body to dip the paint in the paint pot then lifter herself up into standing so she could illustrate rain on her name cloud. When Adelin finished painting she went back to the walkers and continued to use her gross motor skills. When Kira got to kindy, she was thrilled to explore the rainbow stackers, she pulled the donuts off the pole and tried to place them back on. It was a little tricky for Kira, but she kept on trying. After a while Kira went over to the painting area and enjoyed getting creative with the rain cloud. Ollie filled his morning playing in home corner he gave Miss Des’ree all the sensory bottles and said “ta!”. When it was Ollies turn to paint, he enjoyed watching the water paint run down his artwork. Max was busy during activity time and used this his time to continue playing with the ball runner, every now and then when Max heard a good song that he could groove to he stopped what he was doing so he could boogie on the dance floor. During his dance Max noticed Adelin doing art. When Adelin was finished with her art it was Max’s turn to get creative. Max carefully lifted the brush to the paper and made small marks on his cloud. When he was finished, he said, “all done” and went over to the ball runner.  Conor enjoyed the art activity and was very observant with the paint he preferred to paint with the colour pink and continued to dip his paintbrush in the pink paint pot. When Conor was finished exploring the water art, he went over to the kitchenette to play with the taps and sink. Mason was a busy bee and chose to participate in the rain art with his friends. He needed a little guidance with the paint and at first threw the brush at his art. When Mason saw the mark, his brush made his teacher guided his hand showing him how to use the brush. After painting Mason went over to the walkers and moved them around the room watching out for his friends. Yuna enjoyed a big sleep and joined her friends a little late for activity time. When everyone else was asleep Yuna enjoyed quality time painting with her teachers then decided to read books and look at the magic gems on the mini table.

We hope everyone enjoyed their easter weekend,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh