Hello beautiful families,

What a beautiful and chill Tuesday we had at kindy with our friends today. We finished the Christmas art still this morning. The babies also made some Christmas decorations with miss Aurelie. They enjoyed to play with the Christmas tree in the room and put the balls through the holes. After we finished the artworks, the babies were excited to go and play outside.

They enjoyed to tap on the ball like it was a drum. But we also threw the big yellow ball away and they were chasing it in the yard. They were good at catching the ball. The babies had great fun building towers with the soft blocks and destroying just after. The boys liked to hide in the cubby house and ride their bikes. We also practiced our jumps and were going through the yards jumping like kangaroos. After spending this energy we were happy to go back inside to have lunch.

Thank you so much babies for the great fun today.

Miss ELizabeth and miss Aurelie