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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing next door with our friends from the babies 2 room. We loved playing with all the musical instruments and Miss Katrina even started a band. Nevaeh was on the xylophone, Travis on drums and Miss Katrina piano. We had a wonderful time making as much noise as possible.
For our arts and crafts activity we thought we would extend on our family giraffe by making finger painted butterfly’s to place around the giraffe. Amelia Grace was up first choosing the colour green to start her masterpiece off. She looked at the paint for quite some time before she decided to start painting with it. She then indicated to Miss Camila that she wanted the grey paint by pointing at it. Amelia created a beautiful butterfly while exploring different textures. Max was a up next and he had an absolute ball playing with the paints. The paint was cold in his fingers to start off with as he said “oohhh” as he smiled at his educators. Travis also loved engaging with this messy play activity. He made sure he used both his hands swilling the different coloured paints around. Sahara also seemed to enjoy this activity, she needed very little encouragement and displayed confidence while participating in this activity. Our babies were practicing their fine motor skills while fostering their creative development.

8.03.16 Sahara fingr painting 8.03.16 Ted finger painting 8.03.16 Travis finger painting 8.03.16 Amelia Grace finger painting 8.03.16 max finger painting