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October 8, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

A big hello to all of our families and welcome back from the long weekend!

We began our week outside greeting our friends and exploring all the fun things Miss Talia had set up for us….we especially enjoyed making music with our instruments and dancing along to the sounds we were creating,  the cars and trucks were popular today aswell along with our phones ….the children often have fun role playing and using their imaginations to phone “mummy and daddy”.

We moved indoors at 9am, it was already getting very warm outside and we were all in need of a big drink of water!. Morning tea today was a yummy carrot, orange and sunflower seed cake alongside some fresh fruit, the children all absolutely loved this today.

Today we were very lucky to have Theo bring us in some real sheeps wool from his nannys farm….we sat down together as a class and theo shared what he had brought in,  the children were all very interested and reached out to touch the wool…some of us smelled the wool aswell, we talked about how the wool felt and practiced saying “sheep” the children absolutely loved this experience thank you so much to Theo and his family for sharing this with us! We extended a little on this topic by reading a book called Where is the Green Sheep? This was a fun way for the children to further identify “sheep” we then decided to create a group collage of a green sheep, we had a wonderful time placing the cotton wool balls onto our sheep picture,  GREAT WORK BABIES ONE!

After we had finished with our collage we enjoyed a little self selected play,  we also offered the tongs and pompoms as an added activity as alot of us have really thrived on this activity showing so much perseverance and enthusiasm.

Lunch today was yummy poki bowls…we all ate really well using our spoons to scoop the rice, we are all making great progress in this area.

We hope everyone has a great evening!

Miss Rochelle and Miss GIllian xoxo


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