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Happy Tuesday!

In the morning Mason, Yuna and Holly enjoyed playing in the babies 2 room. Mason walked up and down the class and brought the grey chairs with him for support and turned them into a walker. Holly explored the home corner and explored the different sensory bottles. Yuna used the furniture to walk around the class and then stopped over at the bouncers and sat in it with a soft toy. Around 8am the babies came outside to play in the yard. When Alex arrived, he was happy to play in the cubby house with the babies and home corner, prams, bottles, pots and pans. At 9am the babies came back inside to enjoy morning tea of fruits and granola, yummmmm!

For group time today we explored the colours of the rainbow, last week we looked into the colour green and made shamrocks and today we looked at the colour red. We sung the rainbow song and looked at the rainbow stacker in the room. We sung

“red and yellow and pink and green

purple and orange and blue

I can sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow

sing a rainbow too”

We kept our group time short and quickly gave thanks to our country.

Activity time was full of learning! Near the window Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh created a sensory activity that encouraged the babies to learn about the colour red. Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh stuck contact paper on the door with the word red on a piece of red paper. Mason, Holly, Yuna, Conor and Alex love feeling the sticky contact paper and used pits of red paper and feathers to decorate the sticky paper. Holly stayed at this activity for 10 minutes and practiced associating the letters red with the coloured paper. Mason and Alex enjoyed sticking the paper and feathers on the contact paper and experimented with the material putting them on the paper and then taking them off. Yuna felt the paper then the contact paper and peeled the feathers off slowly- showing her educator what she had found. Conor placed one hand on the contact paper then his other hand, when it was stuck he pulled both hands away at the same time with a smile on his face. Conor continued to experiment with this activity and decided to stick on small pieces of red paper on the window.

As the babies floated in and out of the art activity Yuna got cosy in the book corner, she loved looking at the illustrations and took time to regulate her wellbeing. Mason and Conor explored the metal pots and pans as they experimented with the different sounds they made on the ground. Alex went off for his morning nap and enjoyed quality time with Miss Bronagh in the cot room. When Adelin arrived, she used the chairs to help herself walk and get from one place of the room to another. Great walking Adelin!

When lunch was ready the babies went over to their high-chairs ready for some yummy lunch of wraps, falafels, and salad bar.

Over-all, it’s been a wonderful day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh