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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing inside on the mat while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. We enjoyed playing on the mat with the bright hammer toys and the puzzles. Amelia enjoyed hammering the colour blocks into the face toy. She showed lots of interest in the activity and sat there engaged for quite some time.
After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and puree we ventured outside for a play on the outside equipment. Travis and Teddy loved exploring the yard and had lots of fun wondering from each station. Travis especially enjoyed the sand pit and sand pit equipment and seemed to like the feel of the sand run though his fingers. Ted’s favourite experience today was pushing the push toys around and practicing his walking.
For our group time we gathered around Miss Katrina to sing rhythms, we sang “ if your happy and you know it”, Heads shoulders knees and toes and our favourite was “ 5 cheeky monkeys. Poppy was a keen listener thought out the singing, smiling up at Miss Katrina. Nevaeh also liked Miss Katrina’s singing bopping her head and moving her body as we sang.
Max was very interested in exploring and looking at the toys in the draw today, we went though them and decided that he liked coloured cars. He then set about playing with the red car and having lots of fun.
Chloe enjoyed lots of one on one time with her educators and enjoyed spending time on the swing, she liked looking at the different toys that are hanging on the swing and was happy and content