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Happy Wednesday friends and families,


This morning Yuna and Mason arrived first. Mason helped Miss Bronagh to set up her yard. Miss Bronagh gave Mason some toys to put on the floor and he took then a walk around the yard with him first then left them in the cubby house. Mason liked to use the activity walkers to push and help him get more confident on his feet. Yuna gave Miss Bronagh a big cuddle then she wanted to climb on the soft blocks and go down the slide. Little miss Holly was next to arrive. Holly went to Miss Bronagh and Miss Andressa for big cuddles. When Holly was ready, she then went to the dolls and home corner and took Miss Bronagh’s hand to follow her. We sat down together, washed our babies in the bath, put nappies on them then cuddled them for a while. Conor and Alex came next, Conor ran to Miss Bronagh with a big smile and sat on her knee. Alex was happy to sit on his own and watch what all his friends where playing. Yuna went for a nap around 8am, while all her friends continued to play outside. Miss Des’ree arrived at 9am, and all our friends where so happy to see her and all wanted a hug. We then got ready to go come inside for our morning tea and group time. As we went inside, miss Adelin and miss Amilla joined us just intime for yummy food and songs.

For this morning’s group time, we had it when our friend where eating morning tea. All our friends were sitting so well and happily together. We started off with our morning song, followed with our Acknowledgement to the Country. Next, we sand the rainbow song to get our friends familiar with the different colours. colours. Yesterday we went into details on the colour red, today we talked about the colour blue. What can you see that is the colour blue? The sky? The Ocean?

For activity time we continued on with our colour exploration and introduced the babies to the colour blue. We used the same activity as yesterday and encouraged the babies to get familiar with the sticky contact paper. Conor, Holly and Mason loved revisiting this activity and stuck on as many pieces of blue paper as they could.  While some of our friends experimented with blue and contact paper Amilla, Adelin and Yuna learnt about the colours red and yellow and participated in a painting activity. The girls were able to experiment with the paint and control the brush .


over all its been a great day

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh