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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing both inside and outside while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Once we were all here we sat down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and puree. To extend on our Italy theme for this week we decided to make play dough that looks like real dough, Miss Lorraine made the mixer and then divided it up to all our babies. Chloe was quite hesitant at first and wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to do with it, Miss Katrina and Miss Lorraine role modelled the activity for Chloe and offered her encouragement to have a go, once she did start putting her little fingers into the mixer she enjoyed herself. Travis seemed to have fun playing with the dough, smacking it and sticking al his fingers into it. For our group time we sat down on the mat and listened to and engaged with some beautiful felt stories. We all sat down very nicely and listened and watched each story. Amelia especially enjoyed the “5 little ducks” story. She liked it when Miss Katrina handed her each duck as it went over the hill and smiled beautifully at Miss Katrina. For our outside activity Neveah really enjoyed using the slippery slide to engage with, she would eagerly take turn after turn sliding down the slide. Poppy liked to spend her time talking and giving Miss Katrina lots of cuddles. Poppy especially liked waving and Smiling at her educators. Thanks for a great day babies.



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