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Welcome to Wednesday families,

Today Mason had fun running up and down the soft foam course. He laughed every time he done it. Mason then went over to the babies with Miss Bronagh, he picked the baby up then put it into the bath. Miss Bronagh pretended to wash the baby and out the baby’s nappy on. Mason watched as Miss Bronagh done that, then he went over to the cubby house and wanted to play peek-a-boo. Miss Holly was next to arrive. She gave Miss Bronagh big hugs and cuddles this morning then off she went to the home corner. She picked up the little brown bags and started to fill it with ‘shopping’. Miss Bronagh asked Holly to go to the shop and get her some eggs, Holly walked around the yard laughing, then put lots of eggs in her bag and brought them over to Miss Bronagh. When Conor arrived, he wanted to play with the cars. He went to them and started to pick them up and brought them over to the other side of the yard. Conor put the cars into the ‘oven’, I think he was hiding them. Conor then went to the soft foam course and ran up and down it a few times, each time he through himself down and laughed. Conor then went back to the ‘oven’, took the cars out and played with them on the floor. When Alex arrived, he was more confident today, he sat beside Miss Marina and read nice stories with her. After a little while, Alex then went to play with the cars as he moved them up and down the railings. Adelin arrived with a big happy smile on her face, confidently saying, ‘bye bye’ to her Dad at drop off. Adelin then chilled on the foam blocks with her friends before we crawled off to find the walker she likes so much. Vance and Amilla arrived just after morning tea, just in time to start our morning activities.

For Group time today the babies enjoyed singing:

  • The good morning song
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Wheels on the bus
  • 5 Little speckled frogs


We kept the group time short to encourage the babies to participate. Conor, Holly, Adelin and Alex sat beside Miss Bronagh and listened to her sing and try and join in with the actions.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards, keys and locks and soft toys.
  • On the table the babies had an art activity about nature and today is National Nature Day.

Outdoor play:

  • Home corner (cubby house) with sensory bottles, pots, pans and spoons
  • Babies in book corner with cushions, soft toys, and stories
  • Obstacle course with soft foam blocks
  • Bikes
  • Walkers
  • Balls


For activity time, Conor was interested in playing with the lock and keys, where he has to put the key into the lock to open the garage door to get the small cars in and out. Conor then went over to the self-select cupboard and he took out more cars. Conor then out the cars on the floor and ‘drove’ them around. The cars where crashing into each other and Conor laughed every time. Conor then came to Miss Bronagh to do some art. Today we were making paintings out of nature such as leaves, flowers, and twigs. Miss Bronagh collected some lovely nature items and let Conor select the ones he wanted to use. Conor took some leaves out of the basket and painted it with red paint, then he put the leaf on to the paper and pushed his hand on top of it, so it made a stencil. Conor looked at Miss Bronagh and smiled. Conor then picked up a pretty little daisy flower, put it into the paint then used it as a stencil again. Conor got his hands and mixed the paint together. Great job Conor. When Conor was finished painting, he then went outside to play in the home corner with the pots and pans, before coming back inside for lunch time. When Mason woke from his morning nap, he had his morning tea then he wanted to play with the ball runner. Mason found the two different balls, the green and the blue, he sat down beside it and put the balls onto the runner. Mason watched as the balls went down and round and round. Mason laughed and cheered every time the ball reached the bottom. Mason then moved onto outside and played with the walkers. Mason out different items into the walkers like the big balls and the shakers. Mason walked this around the yard then had to come back inside for lunch. Holly was so interested in today’s art activity; she came up to Miss Bronagh with the snog and wanted to put it on. Thank you, Holly! Miss Bronagh helped Holly put her snog on then she sat up at the tale. Holly watched with Conor done, so she had a fair idea of what to do. Holly picked out some lovely leaves and picked the colour she wanted to paint her leaves. Holly pushed each leave onto the paper and when she lifted the leaves back off the paper, her face was surprised, and she gasped every time she done it. Holly used one of the twigs and put the end of the twig into the paint and used it to make dots beside her leaf painting. Holly then wanted the small blue leaves to stick onto the paint. She carefully picked up one by one and stuck to her page. When she was finished her nature painting and Miss Bronagh lifted the page up the leaves actually fell off. Holly said, ‘O no!” then she pottered on over to the small table with all the colourful toys on them. Holly played with the puzzles on her own, then went outside to run around with her friends. Holly ran to the two big balls in the yard and picked it up and through it and picked it up again. Amilla had lots of fun doing puzzles and exploring the kitchen area outside, pretending she was cooking some yummy pasta for Miss Jess and cutting watermelon for dessert. Vance had a nice nap once he arrived after a refreshing morning with mummy at the beach, but right after that he got up well rested and so ready for some more play time! He climbed over the soft blocks, ride a bike and interacted with his friends in the kitchen corner set up outside. Vance also showed us his singing talents, pretended the tap was his microphone. Kira is slowing showing her first steps with the help of our walkers and we are really encouraging her to stand up all by herself😊  We are so proud of you, Kira!

Adelin had the best time playing “peek-a-boo” with Miss Jess, hiding inside the cubby house and showing her smily face over the windows. She also participated in our cooking time outside, exploring the new set up of our kitchen objects in the outside yard.

After spending all of our energies, we were super ready to go in and have the most delicious pumpkin soup with Turkish bread and salad bar for lunch.

Today has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh