Hello beautiful families,


In Babies 1 today, we enjoyed playing inside as the outdoor yard was wet. The babies have been really creative initiating their own games and playing together. I suspended a parachute in the middle of the room to see what they would do. And they enjoyed running under and hide from their friends. They laughed a lot and were having fun with it. Then they took some big cardboard boxes and investigated how to play with it. They were hiding inside and put it upside down to climb on it. Or even use it as a drum tapping with an object on it. They were full of imagination.

We had a bit of quite time after as they built some tower with miss Dressa using the wooden sticks. They enjoyed to spread the sticks all over the floor and start building a tower again. When they finished just before lunch, the babies helped to pack away the room. It was like a game as who could catch the more sticks or toys. Well done babies !

Thank you for so much.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie