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What a very busy day we have had here in the baby’s room today. We started our day playing with our friends from next door. We then ventured outside for a play under the fantastic balcony. Teddy loved moving around the yard using the push toy to navigate where he wanted to go. Travis was a keen participant with the water play station, smiling as he splashed the water onto his own face. Poppy enjoyed exploring the yard wondering around each play space.
After coming inside, we sat down on the mat to play and explore the toys from the self-select shelf. Finn loved choosing lots of different toys to play with and especially enjoyed engaging with the soft blocks. Nevaeh loved looking at the puzzles on the mat and liked it when Miss Katrina come over to help her. Amelia was happy to engage with Miss Katrina in peek a boo and loved telling her lots of stories. Max was very cheeky as usual and loved smiling at his educators. Travis enjoyed doing his thing today and explored lots of different area’s both inside and outside.