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Good morning everyone,


This morning Yuna was first to arrive, she was very sleepy and went down for her morning nap. Mason arrived next, he arrived with a big smile on his face and waled to Miss Bronagh from the gate into the yard. Well done Mason! We had lots of cuddles this morning then sat in the ‘comfy’ area and read some books. Holly was next to arrive, she had a big smile on her face and gave all her educators a big cuddle.  Not long after, Conor and Alexander arrived. Conor gave Miss Bronagh a big hug then went off to play in the soft foam area, he climbed over the obstacles then done it over again. Alexander went to the big caterpillar that was filled with balls, he sat in it, then through the balls out and chased after them. Amilla arrived just in time for her first gymnastics class. We then moved into the classroom to get our morning tea. Kira arrived shortly after, just in time for morning tea.

For group time our friends sat together, and we greeted each child by singing, ‘good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning (their name) good morning to you! Then we said our Aboriginal acknowledgement together. As today is St Patrick’s Day, Miss Bronagh talked a little bit to the children about it.

  • For activity time, we made our own pots of gold with a beautiful rainbow. Our friends sat in their highchairs while Miss Bronagh and Miss Jess got the paints ready. Our friends put their smogs on and where ready to go. Our friends enjoy painting activity and get excited for it. One by one we painted each of our friend’s hands and feet to make a beautiful rainbow colour, then we put their hand or foot onto the pot of gold! Holly was laughing and wriggling her hands and feet, so it much of tickled her. Alex sat very still as we painted the rainbow on him, I think he was relaxed and enjoyed the feel of the paintbrush on his skin. When we put the paint onto Amilla’s hands she scrunched her hand up into a fist and made the colours all mix, then she put her hand on the page, great work Amilla. Conor laughed as the paint went onto his skin, but he sat still was watched as the colour went onto his hand then the page. He looked at his hand after and touched the remaining paint. Yuna was smiling when Miss Jess put the paint on her hand and she smiled and it tickled her, but she sat still and let the paint go onto the hand before she put it on the paper. Kira was wriggling her feet but was still for her hands. I think Kira has very tickly feet. Our friends made some pretty cool rainbows today. Maybe we will see one in the sky later! We played some fun St Patrick’s Day music about shamrocks and Leprechauns and the rainbow.

Hope everyone had a great day.

 Please remember to put a jumper in your child’s bag, as it has been getting cooler in the afternoons.  

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh