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State of Origin Day!!!!!! To celebrate, we had lots of maroon and blue balloons in our room to play with. The children enjoyed crawling through them on the floor and watching as they gently rolled out of the way.
It was a little cooler today so we spent most of our time inside playing with all the toys. Josh and Fynn were having a great time together playing with the BBQ. We ventured out for a short time, and while it was a bit cold, the children enjoyed the play equipment. Nevaeh, Chloe and Poppy played happily together with the building blocks. Teddy and Travis thought a game of Peek a Boo in the Teepee was a fun thing to do, and Amelia enjoyed her time reading some books.
After lunch, most of the children had a rest. When they got back up, we had a nice group time reading books and singing some nursery rhymes. Mary had a Little Lamb was a favourite along with the Wheels on the Bus and Old McDonald had a Farm.
We went back outside after our group time but only stayed out for a short time as the breeze had picked up and it was getting much too cold. We happily returned to our inside toys….and of course those fabulous balloons.
Have a fabulous night tonight. Miss Katrina and Miss Lorraine look forward to seeing everyone for some more fun tomorrow.


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