Welcome to a beautiful Wednesday

This morning the babies enjoyed the outdoors as they waited for their friends to arrive. Holly explored the textured balls and threw them up into the air and watched them fall. Mason gripped on to all the furniture and carefully calculated his steps moving around the yard like a crab. When Henry arrived he enjoyed playing on the red slide, he climbed up the green path and slide down the slide confidently. Around 8am Alex arrived and got extra cuddles with Miss Des’ree he pointed to the classroom and wanted to play with the rain tower. He held on to it and watched the circular balls move from the top to the bottom. It was wonderful to see Alex playing and enjoyed a moment of solitude.

After Morning tea Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh role modelled sitting at the table to Henry, Alex, Max and Holly. We encouraged the babies to use sign language for when they wanted “more” “food” and when they were “all done”. As we sat with the babies Henry asked for more “watermelon”. Alex motioned that he wanted “banana” by pointing. Max sat down and nodded when Miss Des’ree offered him more food. Holly rubbed her eyes telling her teachers that she was ready for bed.

For activity time the babies were offered indoor and outdoor activities although all the babies preferred being outdoors. Miss Andressa offered the babies painting . she encouraged the babies independence by offering assorted painting tools such as  rolling pins, paint brushes or finger painting” . Mason decided to all 3 types of painting exploration, while Adelin enjoyed finger painting. Max got his hands in to the paint and spread the paint everywhere! Its paper was beautifully covered in green and yellow/brown paint. Henry at first chose a paintbrush but then decided to copy his buddy max and got the paint through his fingers. When Alex woke up he decided to join his friends on the obstacle course

Hope you all had a wonderful night see you all tomorrow,


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh