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Welcome to Wednesday everyone,

This morning Mason was happy to explore the yard toys with his friends, he started off with the book corner and enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror.  Miss Des’ree brought in some cardboard boxes and Conor, Adelin, Kira and Mason loved hopping inside the boxes and explored their spatial awareness. Yuna arrived a little later and told her teachers she was ready for a nap. Alex enjoyed playing on the obstacle course and ran through the soft blocks. Around 9 am Amilla went over to her gymnastics session with Miss Kim and Kate.

What a beautiful day it is today.


At activity time, Miss Des’ree went outside with the girls and Miss Bronagh stayed inside with the boys. Miss Bronagh was finishing off our friends Anzac pictures with the boys. Conor, Mason, and Alex sat together at the table and used the orange and red paint to colour the page. The boys sat well together and watched each other paint. Mason like the orange colour, he used the paint brushes to make circle shapes on his page. Mason then took the red and put it over the orange and together they made a beautiful colour together. Conor help his paintbrushes quiet well. He made strokes on his page moving the paintbrush up and down. Conor then put the paintbrush back into the paint so he could keep painting. Conor done this very carefully and ensured not to spill any paint. Alex held both paintbrushes in each hand, orange in the left and red in the right. Alex mixed the colours at the same time onto his white page. Alex also carefully put the paintbrushes back into their pots to add more paint. Well done boys. The boys then wanted to explore the outside yard, so we all swapped, Miss Des’ree came inside, and Miss Bronagh went outside. Alex, Conor, and Mason ran outside quickly. Mason went to the lawnmower he wanted to push it around the yard. Conor went running to the sandpit, sat down, and started digging with spades and filling up the buckets. Alex climbed into the caterpillar with the balls, he chilled there for a while before climbing up onto the slide and sliding into the sandpit. Mason brought a big bouncy ball over to Miss Bronagh so, Miss Bronagh was bouncing it off the wall and the boys would run after and catch it. After a little while Miss Des’ree and the girls came outside to join us.

Inside with Miss Des’ree the girls enjoyed the nice calm space and decided to potter around. Adelin wanted to sit in the high chair and prompted Miss Des’ree to put her in by taping on the chair. When she was happily sitting in the chair Adelin motioned to the hand painting activity and smiled when miss des’ree painter her fingers. When she was finished painting she went over to the home corner to play with the pots and pans.

Kira used her morning to explore the book corner at the moment she loves reading stories and gets cosy in the cushions.

Holly loved utilizing her indoor and outdoor spaces, when she was inside she decided to paint and play with the stackers, when she ventured outside she soaked up the sun in the sandpit and slide. Amilla preferred to stay inside and partipate in indoor activities. She selected the ball runner, painting and home corner toys to explore.

Yuna woke up in the middle of activity time after her morning tea she chose to stay inside and read books, do hand painting and play with the soft mesh balls.

Over all it has been a wonderful day



Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh